Best Heron Deterrents

The best heron deterrents for your garden will largely depend on the location of your fishpond within it, and how the deterrent integrates with your landscape. For example, you may feel that having a replica heron beside your fishpond may look particularly attractive, but are conscious of the potential that this would attract herons seeking a mate. In this case, why not buy two?

There is a 5 star review on this page from somebody who bought two!

Pond Netting – if your garden is suitable for an oversized net to be placed above your fishpond, sizes up to 12 metres by 12 metres are available. This would stop any unwanted heron visitor from being able to get close enough to your fishpond for his bill to do any damage to your beloved fish.

These are just a couple of simple solutions – more elaborate best heron deterrents feature below:-

Visual Scare Heron Repellents

meerkatsWobbling Meerkats

In the wild herons and meerkats do not get along and although meerkats are rarely seen in the U.K. outside of zoos, herons don’t know whether your garden is a zoo or not! The meerkats are effective as a heron deterrent because they are fairly lightweight and move in any breeze – deterring the heron before it even lands by your fishpond. Avoid getting the real thing however; as meerkats prefer to live in burrows and will quickly dig up your garden. Available on amazon.

ponf alligator headAlligator Head

If herons have relationship issues with meerkats, they are nothing in comparison to the problems they experience with alligators. These alligator heads look fantastic hidden amongst any plants you may have adjacent to your fishpond, and have solar powered eyes which light up at dusk. Particularly lifelike, and definitely scary, alligator heads work by generating fear in the heron. Again, not recommended that you use the real thing or adopt one as a pet!

Electronic Heron Repellents

garden pond alarmPond Alarm

Pond alarms are good for protecting your ornamental fish from herons, cats and other large predators. They work by detecting the presence of a large object, and sound a piercing alarm which scares the predator away. The alarm cuts off after 20 seconds, by which time the heron is far away. An additional advantage to installing a pond alarm is if you have young children, and are worried that they might fall into your fishpond, as pond alarms will be triggered by their presence also. Available online for around £30.

jet spray heron repellentJetspray Heron Repellent

The Jetspray Heron Repellent works by using an electronic sensor to detect the approach of herons and other large predatory mammals, and then sending a strong jet of water in their direction.

The jet of water is sufficient to scare off herons, cats and any other critter after your treasured fish. Jetspray repellents are excellent fun if your kids do not know you have installed them – just send the children out to feed the fish and then watch and enjoy from a safe distance!